Matching Gifts Program


    Caterpillar employees have a long history of giving back in the communities where we live and work. Committed, passionate and ready to make a difference in the world, Caterpillar people are doers. And, you’ve risen to the occasion once again. The response was so overwhelming that the Foundation quickly increased its matching funds amount to $2.5 million. Thank you for your generosity!

    Update as of April 6: Thanks to the incredible outpouring of support from our employees, retirees and directors, in a matter of days we achieved our overall program cap of $2.5 million!

    But there's good news! We still offer a 1:1 match through our standard year-round matching gifts program (details below). Each Caterpillar participant may request an annual combined total maximum Foundation match of $2,000 in each calendar year. Click the Request a Match link to submit your request.


    The Caterpillar Foundation is proud to offer the year-round Matching Gifts Program to support our U.S. employees, retirees and board of directors in their contributions to worthy causes. Eligible Caterpillar participants may request an annual combined total maximum match of $2,000 each calendar year to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits and accredited public preK-12 schools or school districts in the U.S. to which contributions are tax deductible. Please reference full guidelines and FAQs below.


    Eligible Caterpillar participants are limited to:

    • Full & part time Caterpillar, Solar & Progress Rail employees on U.S. payroll
    • U.S.-based Caterpillar retirees
    • Caterpillar Board of Directors


    • Each Caterpillar participant may request an annual combined total maximum match of $2,000 in each calendar year.
    • The annual Caterpillar Foundation overall match for all Caterpillar participants will be capped at $10 million per calendar year. If more than $10 million in match requests are registered, all Caterpillar participant gifts will be matched at a ratio below 1:1 (calculated based on the total contributions submitted).


    To be eligible for consideration of the Foundation match:

    • Caterpillar participants must submit matching gift requests online by January 31 of the year following the donation.
    • Nonprofit organizations must approve all matching gift requests by February 15 of the year following the donation.


    Match Process


    Donate directly to eligible nonprofit or public preK-12 school or district.

    Submit Match Request

    Use match portal to search for the nonprofit and enter the gift details.

    Nonprofit Confirms

    The nonprofit verifies the tax-deductable gift amount.

    Foundation Matches

    Foundation processes matching gift payments annually.


    Matching Gifts Matching Gifts

    Caterpillar Participants:?
    Request a Match

    Click the link below to submit a match request.

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    Nonprofit Participants:?
    Verify a Match

    Click the link below to verify a match request for a Caterpillar participant.

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